Seamless Data Collection

About AfyaData

What is Afyadata?

Afyadata is a tool that analyzes all the data collected from the field and intelligently sends feedback to the data collector and sends an alert to higher authority officials if any abnormal pattern is discovered in the data collected, this tool provides a graphical user interface for involved health stakeholders to analyze and visualizing data collected via Afyadata mobile app for android.

How does AfyaData Manager works?

This application works together with the android AfyaData App, where you use the mobile app to collect data in the field and later on you send them to the server (AfyaData Manager application) for further processing.

When the data gets into the server it is analyzed immediately using the natural intelligence build in to detect any indicators of abnormal pattern, if found an alert is sent immediately to respective health experts / response team and sending tips back to the data collector while further actions are to be taken.

AfyaData Mobile

This is open source tools for collecting, submitting data from health facilities to the main server and receiving feedback from main server.

This customized version of ODK Collect which have best form management modules. This app works together with server side which accepts data, storing to the database and analyzing the database for making decision from submitted data.

How does AfyaData Mobile works?

The app works as a client, where by users from field can collect and submit data to the central server via Internet connection as well as receiving feedback of submitted data from the server/experts.

While collecting data, phone can be offline without affecting the process also has a capability of including GPS location and photo to a collected data.

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